Chaud vente Mosunx 1 m 2 in1 USB Lecteur de Carte 2.0 + Super vitesse USB 2.0 6 Port Splitter HUB Cadeaux En Gros 1 pc 1112

ssd 1 tb, caixa x1

Leitor De Cartão Micro Sd

850 evo m.2 sata iii. Cap macho. Evo samsung 850. Smart card usb adaptor. Package size: Use for: Adaptador usb otg para micro c. 2.7v-3.6v. Open the app app to get the best experience. 64 gb sandisk extreme. Flash drive usb. Usb2.0 micro sd. Nom de la marque: Memory type: Usb 2.0interface.. Adaptador usb para sd. 

Iphone Otg

16gb (up to 60mb/s write speed); 32gb -128gb (up to 85mb/s write speed. 850 pro sata iii. C10 /u1/u3. Mmc,micro sd,carte sd,carte cf. 120 grana. Pp environmentally friendly materials. 1 micro usb port /1 usb 3.0 port /1 usb 2.0 port /1 sd card reader. Aluminum alloy+abs. Suitable: Caso do cartão de memória. 14.9 x 8.8 x 4.2cm. Sd card bagPendriv. Rt-scr3. Silver/gold (optional). 

Flash Usb Tipo C

Special 2: Orico crs12-or. Sandisk 128 gb. Cubo i7. Pro samsung. Cable length: Function 9: Usb 3.0 multi-in-one cf card reader sd / micro sd card reader. Original class 10. Caso do cartão de alumínio. 16gb tf card:

Deaktop Computadores

Sdsdxxg-032g-zn4in. Ssd 8gb 16gb 32gb. Black, white. Memory card is not include. Leitor de cartão usb 3.0. Microsdxc card dimensions: Ferramentas de máquina. Mobile phones /car recorder. 3 slots for sd card. Up to r100-w60mb/s(samsung labs data). Otg funtion. 1 mm-h. For sdhc: Approx. 270*130*50mm/10.62*5.11*1.96''. Universal memory card readerHdd múltipla. Caso de disco rígido. 

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♣ Welcome on my Seiyuu Blog! ♣
This Blog is dedicated to several Japanese Voice Actresses/Actors.
Sometimes you'll also see animanga related post
I'll mostly reblogg/post some cute and beautiful Seiyuu pictures !
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“Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri” predicted the future of the USA. O.O


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - OTP/BROTP edition


@Saito_Shuka 10 Dec 2015
Ittttt’s #ShukaInstructionManual!

Please tell us about how you met your dog Shura!!
→ We met for the very first time when I was 7 years old!! I received him from a friend’s family. I remember how he was still small, but ran around with all his might.
A picture from not long after he joined our household 😊


@suwananaka 10 Dec 2015
@Saito_Shuka Cute ……………_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_

@Saito_Shuka 10 Dec 2015
Isn’t Shura cute?? He’s seriously the little angel of the household 😭💓💓

(My pride for my dog is overflowing)


@suwananaka 10 Dec 2015
@Saito_Shuka Shukashuu’s cute too ( ・´ー・`)

@Saito_Shuka 10 Dec 2015

Let’s hug… ( ゚д゚ )!!!

@suwananaka 10 Dec 2015
@Saito_Shuka ༾( ⑅ˊ ˅ ˋ )༿༾( ˊ ˅ ˋ⑅ )༿


2016.11.02 Happy Birthday, Suwawa!! ⚓️ (*♡´◡` 人´◡` ♡*) 🐬 

I’m so proud of you for rising all the way from last place to first place with Kanan in the center polls! I hope this was the best (early) birthday gift all of us could have gotten for you ⌒°( ; ω ;)°⌒

We’ll always treasure your appreciation for the international LLSS community… Thank you so much, Suwawa (இ⌓இ )

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