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Sistemas De Chamada De Restaurantes

Buzzer key: : Wireless call pager system. Electronic call buttons for elderly. Feature4: Customer ordering buzzer system. Electronic cafe call button system. Abs plastic. Wholesale melhor sinal. Guest pager calling system. Wireless calling restaurants: Waiter buzzer table call button. Wireless order taking system. Coaster pager : K-999 k-300plus k-d3Wireless table buzzer call system. Pager restaurant wireless waiter call. Waiter caller bell system. Restaurant equipments. 

Mesa De Restaurante De Rohs

Wireless waiter calling bell system. M-t-1. Waiter caller: Wwireless waiter menu call systemCar charger cable. Remote call button system. Number calling system. Suitable for : Wireless call system: System capacity: Papel carrilhão. Button transmitter: System buzzer calling restaurant. K-4-c-usb k-o1. 

Mesa Cafee

3pcs aaa battery. Música quente. K-4-c+k-300-d3. Wholesale sino chamada. 3-digit number and show 3groups number at the same time. K-300plus k-o1plus. Restaurant waiter restaurant ordering system. Wireless queue management system. Grey-black. Paging system. Wireless communication calling system. Pager calling system watch. Sistema de pedidos do cliente. Reminder ways: 

Restaurante Pager Convidado

Remote paging system. Wireless watch: Wholesale relógio de genebra. For customer service. Restaurant wireless guest paging system. Wireless table calling system. Antenna type: K-336+k-h4-wyellow. Ac100-250v 50/60hz. Wholesale walkys vhf. Signal amplifier. Wholesale strass botões de costura. Enfermeiros relógio. Cantina restaurantes. 

Blog is dedicated to several Japanese Voice Actresses/Actors...." /><"#/page/13" />

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♣ Welcome on my Seiyuu Blog! ♣
This Blog is dedicated to several Japanese Voice Actresses/Actors.
Sometimes you'll also see animanga related post
I'll mostly reblogg/post some cute and beautiful Seiyuu pictures !
♥ Yoko Hikasa, Suzuko Mimori, Ogura Yui,...
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“Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri” predicted the future of the USA. O.O


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - OTP/BROTP edition


@Saito_Shuka 10 Dec 2015
Ittttt’s #ShukaInstructionManual!

Please tell us about how you met your dog Shura!!
→ We met for the very first time when I was 7 years old!! I received him from a friend’s family. I remember how he was still small, but ran around with all his might.
A picture from not long after he joined our household 😊


@suwananaka 10 Dec 2015
@Saito_Shuka Cute ……………_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_

@Saito_Shuka 10 Dec 2015
Isn’t Shura cute?? He’s seriously the little angel of the household 😭💓💓

(My pride for my dog is overflowing)


@suwananaka 10 Dec 2015
@Saito_Shuka Shukashuu’s cute too ( ・´ー・`)

@Saito_Shuka 10 Dec 2015

Let’s hug… ( ゚д゚ )!!!

@suwananaka 10 Dec 2015
@Saito_Shuka ༾( ⑅ˊ ˅ ˋ )༿༾( ˊ ˅ ˋ⑅ )༿


2016.11.02 Happy Birthday, Suwawa!! ⚓️ (*♡´◡` 人´◡` ♡*) 🐬 

I’m so proud of you for rising all the way from last place to first place with Kanan in the center polls! I hope this was the best (early) birthday gift all of us could have gotten for you ⌒°( ; ω ;)°⌒

We’ll always treasure your appreciation for the international LLSS community… Thank you so much, Suwawa (இ⌓இ )

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